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We believe that the act of giving is God's love language.  The Bible is full of examples in which God gave to us.  We believe in giving of the tithes and offering with a cheerful heart.
We believing in tithing as it is one that is a personal covenant between the giver and God.
We give our offering our offering as a way of showing God how much we appreciate the many blessings bestowed upon us.  
However, or whatever we give, we give with a cheerful heart and spirit!
We ask that you search your heart and give according to how God instructs you to give!
We Love You!

For a list of all of the ways you can give we recommend that you download the Givelify App and decide where you would like to focus your giving.  


If you would like to give your gift via CashApp you can find us at: $7thStreetMBC  and just specify where you want your gift to go!

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